19 August 2009

alexa n the hood

black and white,film photography,ghetto
this shot was a quickie, alexa found this nice emergency exit somewhere near my apartment..so i took a film camera and tried to shoot a quick 90's ghetto concept..hehe..just dont mind the outfit..lols

11 August 2009

Light control

controller game nintendo flightfingers two strobist photography is not only about light but also about control. learn to control and the light follows. its not the usual long Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A,B,A,B Select Start but only f and t and some old stuff for cover. light, although it travels fast it can be contained using simple formula of distance of subject from light and background, speed of shutter and the f. mixed this 3 and you'll have more than a hundred lives..

My yellow cricket

lighter cricket fingers fire light photography misterjude jude crisostomo cebu photographerthis photo is a tribute for the two dead mice i just killed. the first one was trapped on its mouse hole and died after i covered it with a coin and tapped it like crazy hehe. And the other one got stuck on a fly paper while trying to get the bait (thanks to MR.CHIPS) and later burned by mr.policeman. BTW I wasn't tryin to kill those mice, they just died. so i lit up my yellow cricket and took this tribute shot. farewell micey!..have a happy journey..

04 August 2009

young achiever 2

still part of the "young achiever" assignment this dude here is an artist and photographer too..that got me thinkin, Yeah! i can be featured in a magazine too...i guess ill have to work hard.
best viewed on flickr

young achiever

well, i got a chance to shoot for a magazine publication in bacolod and part of the assignment was to photograph young achievers and one of them was that dude above. yeah he's a city councilor. and he's a good one... best viewed on flickr

03 August 2009

far side

okay, so this is a very old photo i took using the handy tiny slave flash and my old 400d, and i never posted this ever. You know why? coz the concept is farfetched, it looks like a chicken man out on the cage, and it looks weird. Anyway, this time i already got the courage to share this to public coz im thinking, what the heck! its just a photograph and i dont care what you guys think..well, the fact is i really wanna know what you think..hehehe