09 October 2009

finishing the symphony

first of all i would like to congratulate my self for finishing an artwork in one day.well, lemme explain, finishing an artwork in a day or in a week is way out of my routine. okay, i know some of you guys could finish this kind of piece just in hours. but not me, it took me 3 whole hours just staring at the screen and wishing i could end up the hard part ( hard part = finishing). o well but at least ive been trying to become productive lately...hehe.
okay, now, the "symphony" is my entry to mr. paok's pattern contest. its inspired by our idiotic human instinct to unite at the brink of extinction,hehe and the "symphony" says how we should be or how we should have been. but its too late for that hehe..
i dont have any details about this but you can check this link,